Shining a Light on Sustainability: Our Solar Journey with the City of Des Moines

Published by Angie Berhow

As a company deeply rooted in the heart of Iowa, 1 Source Solar has always been committed to advancing renewable energy and supporting our local communities. Today, we are thrilled to share an exciting update about a project that embodies these commitments: the City of Des Moines’ 1 MW solar array installation.

A Vision for a Sustainable Future

The City of Des Moines has embarked on an ambitious journey to harness the power of the sun. The installation of a 1 MW solar array, which will supply clean energy to two crucial city buildings – an animal control facility and a greenhouse – marks a significant step towards this vision. It’s not just about powering buildings; it’s about powering progress.

Innovative Use of Space

What makes this project truly remarkable is its location: a six-acre repurposed landfill site, known as a brownfield. This innovative approach not only breathes new life into an underutilized space but also demonstrates a creative solution to environmental challenges.

The Power of Local Collaboration

As an Ankeny-based company, we are proud to have been awarded the exclusive solar bid for this project. Collaborating with Newton, Iowa-based VanMaanen Electric, the General Contractor, we are weaving a strong fabric of local expertise and community spirit into the very heart of this project.

1,794 Reasons to Be Excited

The solar array will consist of 1,794 solar panels. Each panel is not just a piece of technology; it’s a testament to what we can achieve when we commit to sustainable practices. This installation is more than a power source; it’s a symbol of hope and a beacon of change.

Our Role and Commitment

At 1 Source Solar, we are responsible for bringing this solar vision to life. Our team’s expertise in solar technology and our commitment to excellence ensure that this project will not only meet but exceed expectations. We are dedicated to ensuring that this solar array serves as a reliable and efficient source of energy for years to come.

Looking Ahead

This project is a stepping stone towards a greener, more sustainable Des Moines. We are honored to play a role in this transformative journey and excited about the potential it holds. This is just the beginning. With each solar panel we install, we are laying the groundwork for a brighter, cleaner future.

As we progress with the installation, we invite you to follow our journey. Stay tuned for updates, insights, and stories from the field. Together, let’s celebrate each milestone in this solar adventure!

About 1 Source Solar

1 Source Solar, based in Ankeny, Iowa, is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solar solutions. Our mission is to empower communities, businesses, and nonprofit agencies through renewable energy, contributing to a sustainable future for Iowa and beyond.