Storage for your Home or Business

Adding Storage to your Home or Solar Array With 1 Source Solar

With the increasing popularity of solar energy, many homeowners are considering adding batteries to their solar arrays. While solar panels alone can significantly reduce electricity bills and environmental impact, integrating batteries introduces additional complexities and considerations. Batteries give you more control over when you draw energy from the electric grid. By storing electricity, you can unlock big energy savings depending on your utility rate plan. Battery back-up systems will give you the security of having power in a time of need in the event of a power outage.

At 1 Source Solar, we’re a certified dealer and installer for Tesla Powerwall, Tesla Solar Inverters.  Our certified technicians and designers will provide you with best solutions for your solar and storage needs.

Storage Benefits you by:

How Storage and Solar Will Benefit You

The 1 Source Solar team has worked with local utilities in Iowa and throughout the Midwest to help them save energy costs and protect the environment. Here are some examples of how solar is making a difference. 

What to Expect from Us: Industry-Leading Expertise & Comprehensive Services

At 1 Source Solar, the difference lies in our expertise and our customer service. Our company leaders have been instrumental in growing the solar industry in Iowa for years, and we’re passionate about serving each of our clients better than any other company in the market. 

Here’s what you can expect from 1 Source Solar:

Specially Tailored Solutions

Every storage system we build is customized to fit your individual needs. We’ll work with you to perform a preliminary cost analysis and design that shows you how much you could save. Then we’ll build it from the ground up.

Full Service. Start to Finish.

Our company is skilled in every facet of the design and construction process of a solar panel grid. Our team will manage your project from its beginning to completion, meaning you only have to coordinate with one company throughout the process.

High-Quality Solar Panel & Storage Systems

Whatever your project needs, we know the best equipment for the job. We’ll handle the product procurement process, and we’ll select only the highest quality Tier 1 components for your solar panel system. Our goal is to find the perfect mix of quality and value that benefits your needs.

Ongoing Service & Engagement

We’re able to engage with multiple stakeholders as needed to keep your community in the loop about the project. We’ll also continue to be a resource for you, monitoring your system for five years after installation as part of our warranty.

The 1 Source Solar team has integrated storage with solar in Iowa and throughout the Midwest to help our clients be protected in the event of a power outage.

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Consumers Can Take Advantage of These Solar and Storage Incentives

Local utility projects can benefit from several government incentives to cover part of the cost of a solar installation. Let us help you learn how you can take advantage of:

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