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Installing solar panels on your home is a step toward a greener, more sustainable future for you and your family. It’s also a long-term investment that pays off: Homes with solar panels sell for an average of 4% more than homes without them, according to a recent study by Zillow.

Each year, 1 Source Solar helps hundreds of homeowners in Iowa and across the Midwest begin using solar energy to power their homes. Not sure where to start? We’ll walk you through the process!

Solar Energy Benefits Your Home by:

How Much Will You Save With Solar?

Reducing or eliminating your electric bill by installing solar is an investment that can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Here are some examples of how we’ve made a difference for homeowners.

Residential Home

Our team worked with this residential customer on a roof-mounted solar array that helped them replace 100% of their annual electricity usage. They received the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit on the entire system cost.

14.8 KW

System Size


Solar Modules

10 Year

Payback period


Return on investment

Federal and State Tax Credit

Learn more about our work by browsing our project portfolio. See how we’re helping homeowners save money across the Midwest!

Full-Service Solar Panel Installation Services for Residential Homeowners

When you hire 1 Source Solar, you’re getting an expert team of solar energy experts who are prepared to handle the entirety of your installation project. Here’s how we’ll serve you throughout your solar construction project.

No-Cost Project Analysis

At 1 Source Solar, we place a high emphasis on trustworthiness and reliability. That’s why we work with each client to conduct a preliminary cost analysis prior to starting each project – at no charge to you! You’ll learn how much you’ll save before you spend a penny.

In-House Engineering

We design each project exactly to your home’s specifications. Our expert engineers use only the highest-rated products and work with you to determine whether your roof is suitable for solar panels and what the best positioning will be for your system.

Full Construction Administration

We’ll handle the ins and outs of the solar installation process so that you don’t have to. Our team takes care of the permitting, interconnection agreements, and overall administration of the project to give you peace of mind throughout the process.

Maintenance & Support

Once we install your solar panels, we’ll show you how to maintain them to keep them in optimal condition. We also provide a five-year warranty on our workmanship. If something breaks, we’ll fix it!

Get Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions About Solar

As a solar installer working on hundreds of projects throughout the Midwest each year, we’re no stranger to working in the snow, wind, and other elements that batter the exterior of your home. We also know you may have questions about how those conditions will affect your solar panels – and more questions about the cost, maintenance, and long-term payoff that many homeowners share about solar. 

We’re here to answer all of your questions about your solar panels, from how to get started to how to keep them well-maintained after we install them. The short answer is – they’re likely a great investment for you!

Let us be your resource to put your mind at ease. Read our frequently asked questions or give us a call and we’ll help you with what you need!

Tap Into These Solar Incentives Available to Homeowners

Explore 1 Source Solar’s Financing Options

If you’re not able to pay the full cost of a solar system up front, there are many financing options available to you. From local area solar loans to deferred and forgivable loans through neighborhood lending programs, our solar experts are available to talk through your various options and help you find the solution that’s the most affordable and fitting for your budget. 

Talk with us about your financing options today!

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