Solar for Nonprofit Organizations

Power Your Mission & Lead Your Community By Working With 1 Source Solar

Nonprofits like churches, charities, and community organizations are no stranger to navigating tight budgets in the midst of rising overhead expenses. That’s where solar energy can be a solution.

Unlocking the potential of solar power can set your nonprofit up for long-term sustainability while also lowering your environmental impact and positioning you as a leader in your community. At 1 Source Solar, we enjoy helping nonprofits craft strategic solar solutions that best meet their needs.

Solar Energy Benefits Nonprofits by:

See How Much Your Organization Could Save

Solar savings looks different for each project and its needs, and we’re excited to see what solar can do for you! Check out how we’ve helped these nonprofit organizations find sustainable energy savings.

How 1 Source Solar Supports Your Nonprofit’s Solar Journey

As a leading solar installation contractor in Iowa and the Midwest, 1 Source Solar is passionate about using our expertise to make your nonprofit’s transition to solar as easy as possible.

Our team will help you make informed decisions on your project while we handle the day-to-day administration, letting you spend more time concentrating on what you do best – running your organization. Our services and processes include the following.

Customized Solar Solutions

Our first step is to work with you to put together a cost analysis and preliminary design that will guide your project and show you how much you will save. This step comes at no cost to you to help you and your community stakeholders make an informed decision.

Flexible Financing Options

If you need financing for your project, we work with a range of financing partners and can help you choose the right step for you.

In-House Engineering and Construction Management

Our team of experts handles all of the intricacies of the project, giving you a single point of contact from start to finish. We perform all engineering in-house using only high-quality Tier 1 products, and we fully oversee the product procurement process and construction administration.

Long-Term Support

When we finish a project, we don’t just leave! We monitor our projects for up to five years for free as part of our workmanship warranty. After that, we also offer annual service and maintenance contracts to continue our partnership long-term.

The 1 Source Solar team has worked with non-profits in Iowa and throughout the Midwest to help them save energy costs and protect the environment.

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Use These Government Incentives to Power Your Project’s Savings

Even though nonprofits are tax-exempt, federal and state incentives are still available to drastically reduce the cost of your project. Talk to us about available government incentives, power purchase agreements, and other options for lowering your solar installation costs.

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