Solar for Cities & Counties

Save Taxpayer Dollars & Promote Environmental Leadership by Working With 1 Source Solar

Cities and counties across the country must manage rising operational costs each year while finding the best way to steward taxpayer dollars. That’s why more and more municipalities are turning to solar as an alternative energy source, and they’re reaping long-term savings as a result.

The positive impact of adopting solar stretches beyond financial benefits. Cities and counties are in a prime position to show environmental leadership, and installing solar panels demonstrates to residents that their leaders care about the sustainability of the communities they serve.

At 1 Source Solar, we’re no stranger to navigating the various requirements that come with public solar infrastructure projects. Our experienced team is ready to work with you to design high-quality and efficient solar energy systems that meet your municipality’s unique needs.

Solar Energy Benefits Your City or County by:

See How We’re Helping Municipalities Throughout the Midwest

From partnerships with small municipal utilities to our nearly 1,800-panel project with the City of Des Moines, Iowa, we’re helping local governments take control of their energy costs. Here are some examples of how we could help your city or county save with solar.

Solar Project: City of Des Moines

The City of Des Moines repurposed a retired landfill by installing a ground solar array in April 2024. The ballasted ground array was designed to not disturb the landfill’s soil cap. The project received a 30% Federal Solar Direct Payment for non-taxable entities and may qualify for an additional 10% community bonus direct payment.

See more projects we’ve been working on by viewing our project portfolio.

Our Services Empower Cities, Counties & Other Public Entities Toward Cost Savings & Energy Independence

From the initial cost estimate through the activation of your solar array, our team is a full-service solar installer prepared to work closely with your leadership to administer your project. We use only highly rated Tier 1 products that are designed for longevity, meaning your community will have trustworthy power systems for years to come.

Here’s how we serve cities and counties throughout the process.

Cost Savings Analysis

Before we start the project, we’ll conduct a preliminary design and analysis at no cost to show you how much you could save by switching to solar. This will help you keep your stakeholders informed and make the best decision for your energy needs and for your budget.

Professional, In-House Engineering

The 1 Source Solar team has some of the most knowledgeable solar engineers in the business, and we put our vast industry expertise to use as we design a high-quality and efficient solar system for your municipality.

Product Procurement

We’re a turnkey solar installation company, meaning we handle all aspects of the project from engineering to procurement to construction. We’ll acquire the necessary equipment and search for the materials that provide the best value for you.

Construction Administration

The 1 Source Solar team oversees all aspects of the construction process, giving you one point of contact from start to finish. Our expertise allows us to work quickly while doing it right the first time.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

We stand by our work. Our team will monitor and support your solar array at no cost to you for the first five years. We offer service and maintenance contracts on an annual basis following the five-year period.

Use These Programs & Incentives to Save on Your Solar Project

Cities and counties may not pay taxes, but there are still several programs available to help them cover some of the cost of building their solar projects. We’re experts in navigating the financial landscape of solar installation, and we’re here to help you through each step in the process.

Available incentives include:

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