Solar Energy for Agriculture

Lower Your Farm’s Operating Expenses With Sustainable Energy Through 1 Source Solar

From light bulbs to livestock fans to grain augers, there’s no shortage of energy costs on a farm. As electric rates rise, many farmers are turning to solar energy to grow their energy independence and increase the profitability of their operations in the midst of volatile energy costs.

The sun’s rays have always been the foundation of farming. As farmers work to steward the land, putting that power of the sun to work by investing in on-site renewable energy is a powerful way to add to the positive environmental practices they’re already putting into place. At 1 Source Solar, we specialize in agricultural solar installation, helping our clients every day as they integrate solar into their agriculture operations.

Solar Energy Helps Farmers by:

Estimate Your Cost Savings

Want an idea of how solar could benefit you and your farm? Here’s how 1 Source Solar has made a difference for our agricultural clients.

Solar panels on the ground near a grain dryer bin

Grain Dryer & Bin Site Solar Array

Granger, Iowa

112.20 KW

System Size


Solar Modules

4 yrs

Payback period (prior to REAP Grant payback)

0.84 yrs

Payback period (after REAP Grant award)


Return on money (prior to REAP Grant payback)


Return on money (After REAP Grant award)


30-year projected cash flow

Read about more of our projects to see how 1 Source Solar is saving farmers money across the Midwest.

How 1 Source Solar Is Helping Farmers Across the Midwest

We know every farm is different. That’s why we spend time working with you up front to ensure we’re building the best solar system for your energy needs. Here are some of the services we offer to farmers.

Solar Energy Installation

We perform a no-cost project analysis to evaluate your needs by customizing the design and build to show you how much you could save. Then we’ll handle every aspect of the project, from engineering to permitting to construction.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

We’re experts in working with battery storage systems to allow your farm to store excess energy created for future use. We’ll help you determine what you need and your best options.

Solar Energy Support

We guarantee all of our work with a five-year workmanship warranty, in addition to the solar panel manufacturer’s warranty. We also offer service and maintenance contracts to help support your solar system beyond that, through its entire lifespan.

The Growing Role of Agrivoltaics (Agrisolar)

solar panel in a field

At 1 Source Solar, we know that crops and solar panels can exist together on the same land – and benefit each other in the process. Agrivoltaics, also known as agrisolar, is the practice of placing solar panels on farmland while still allowing the land under and around them to be used for agricultural use.

The practice allows for more efficient use of land, and it can have additional benefits: Research cited by the U.S. Department of Energy has shown that solar panels and the plants surrounding them have a cooperative relationship, keeping each other cool during the day and allowing crops and solar panels to thrive together.

At 1 Source Solar, we’re working on some of the first agrivoltaic farm projects in Iowa. If you’re interested in what an agrivoltaic solar panel system could look like for your farm, contact us for an individualized, no-cost project analysis that will show how much you could save.

Farmers May Be Able to Take Advantage of These Government Incentives

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