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  • 05/31/24

    What Is Net Metering & How Does It Work? A Guide for Solar Users

    One of the largest advantages of installing solar panels at your home, business, or farm is the money you save each month on your utility [...]

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  • Groud-mounted solar panels sit above rows of plants in a field


    Is It Time to Explore Agrivoltaics? A Growing Solution for Solar Energy on Farms

    Plants and solar panels have one major thing in common — they both need the sun. But instead of competing with one another for land [...]

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  • 04/09/24

    How To Clean Solar Panels: A Guide to Keeping Your System Well-Maintained

    Rain, sleet, hail, snow — Midwesterners are no strangers to the weather events that batter our homes, buildings, and trees. Or, to the maintenance that [...]

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  • 11/30/23

    Innovative Solar Policy Could Help More Iowans Save Money

    By Todd Miller, Co-founder of 1 Source Solar Minnesota has over 30,000 subscribers sharing over 800 megawatts of capacity. On average, most community solar subscribers [...]

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  • 11/20/23

    Shining a Light on Sustainability: Our Solar Journey with the City of Des Moines

    Published by Angie Berhow As a company deeply rooted in the heart of Iowa, 1 Source Solar has always been committed to advancing renewable energy [...]

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  • 12/14/22

    Homemakers flips the switch on solar array

    URBANDALE, Iowa — Homemakers Furniture, part of Top 100 Berkshire Hathaway’s furniture division, hosted a Flip the Switch event on May 19 to celebrate the [...]

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  • solar panels in agricultural setting


    Harnessing the Power of Solar Energy: A Bright Future for Iowa

    By Angie Berhow, 1 Source Solar | October 9, 2023 Are you ready to take a giant leap towards a greener, more sustainable future for [...]

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  • 04/28/22

    1 Source Solar’s Work Reported on by the Times-Republican

    A recent article by the Times-Republican elaborates on the work 1 Source Solar has recently done in Marshall County. Read the full article at: https://www.timesrepublican.com/ [...]

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  • 01/18/22

    Largest Private Solar Installation in Iowa

    Homemakers has one of the largest private solar panel arrays in Iowa, with nearly 3,000 bi-facial panels. Learn more about this green initiative and its [...]

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  • Read the article from Solar Power World magazine


    1 Source Solar in Solar Power World Magazine

    1 Source Solar’s lobbying efforts were recognized in the November edition of Solar Power World Magazine. Page 42-43: https://www.solarpowerworldonline.com/

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  • solar panel in a field


    NEWS RELEASE: New State Programs to Spark Economic Development Opportunities in Energy

    New State Programs to Spark Economic Development Opportunities in Energy March 20, 2019 (DES MOINES) – Today, the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) and the [...]

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  • 01/21/19

    The solar market is growing fast. Isn’t it time you explored the possibilities?

      If you’re in business, it’s a good time to go solar. Demand is rising, costs are dropping, and federal and state incentives allow businesses [...]

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