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Why Solar Power Continues to Grow

We receive calls every day regarding solar power installation and this renewable energy.  In a recent story in the Des Moines Register*, the writer explained that it grew from $12 million in 2013 to $36 million in 2014.  Why is there so much interest in solar power?

First, prices to install solar have come down to where they are much more reasonable.  Second, electricity rates continue to increase.  Projections are that they will increase at least 3.2% a year and they may go higher.  Third, federal and state tax credits are available through the end of 2016 and these help make solar very cost effective.

In addition, farmers and other business people can take advantage of depreciation and REAP (Rural Energy for America Program) grants, which provide United States Department of Agriculture funding, to further reduce their installation costs. Read more about the REAP Grants and other solar power incentives such as the: 30% Federal Tax Credit and 18% Iowa State Tax Credit.

Our grant writer, Brad Oeltjenbruns, has the highest success rate of anyone in Iowa and knows all the ways to maximize your chances to succeed.  You can even borrow half the cost of your solar project interest free from the Iowa Energy Center in Ames. The return on investment (ROI) with solar power is incredible! For commercial or agricultural businesses, solar power will typically pay for itself in two to five years! The rate or return for residential home owners on solar power installation , is less than ten years.  This is a great guaranteed return on your investment!

If you have questions about solar power, solar panel installation, design and build and what you need to get started, contact us today at 515-446-0100.



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  • Ridley Fitzgerald
    September 12, 2017, 5:56 PM REPLY

    I love the fact that solar power just continues to grow. It seems like such a good idea, so although I don’t have it yet, I want it in the future. It’s great to know that installing solar is getting cheaper! I’ll have to keep my eye on that.


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