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Three Things to Know Regarding Our Solar Power Warranties

Three Things to Know Regarding Our Solar Power Warranties

I am like many of you and often wonder how reliable warranties are. In this blog, I will discuss solar warranties and how they work.

The first warranty is one for Power Production on our Tier 1, or highest quality panels. The warranty states “that the panels will produce at least 80% as well at the end of twenty-five years as they do their first year.” The panels should perform better than this since the degree of degradation, or reduced production, is a maximum of .7% per year. You will receive this in writing from the panel manufacturer.

The second warranty is for our optimizers wired to each panel. Optimizers are small black boxes communicating with the inverter so that even if there is snow, ice, shade, or bird poop on part of the panel, the rest of it receives adequate electricity and continues to produce well. The Solar Edge optimizers we use, have a Twenty-Five (25) Year Warranty.
Our Solar Edge inverters also have a warranty. Inverters, which convert direct current to alternating current for use in your business or home, are an important part of generating electricity and are covered by a Twelve (12) Year  Warranty, which can be extended if you choose.

Finally, 1 Source Solar provides a Ten (10) Year Service Warranty on all our work. If something goes wrong with your solar, we will come out and take care of problems during this time period. You can pay extra to extend the warranty but this should not be necessary because solar is typically maintenance free.

Please contact 1 Source Solar if you have questions about the warranties or anything else related to solar. Our number is 515-446-0100 and I will answer your questions or direct you to one of our solar sales specialists.


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