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Like you, we own homes and have families. So we want to make sure we’re delivering value when it comes to our Residential Customers.  With a focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on 1 Source Solar  for your home project.

Major benefits on why you need to act now!

  • Federal Tax Credits of 30%

  • State of Iowa Tax Credits of 15%

  • 25 years of Warrantied Production


  • What about snow accumulating on my panels?

    The panels are protected by polished tempered glass and are dark in color, therefore, snow typically melts faster from your panels than your roof.

  • What happens on dark/cloudy days?

    Unlike the early days of solar power when systems had to be sized fro peak loads, a grid-connected PV (solar) system seamlessly switches to draw from the utility grid when needed. As such, 1 Source Solar uses an Annual Production Target, averaging out sunnier days with cloudy days.

  • How much weight will this put on my roof?

    Sunlight Electric PV (solar) systems typically weigh no more than 3-4 lbs/sq. ft., and most roofs can accommodate 2-3 times that amount of ‘dead load weight’. Your specific roof load capacity will be taken into account with our proposed solar design.

At 1 Source Solar, we’re able to provide a valuable assist for homeowners looking to go green. Our design and build experience will help reduce your bills and look accentuate your home at the same time.

Rebates and incentives from both the Federal and State level are available today. Give us a call at 515-446-0100 to see how we can help.

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